Episode 055: Exploring Gut Health and Intuitive Healing with Robyn Youkilis

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We’re so excited to welcome world-renowned Health Coach and Chewing Queen, Robyn Youkilis. As a former serial dieter herself, Robyn struggled with binge eating, weight, and poor body image her entire life. One day, she decided enough was enough and enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Health to become a Health Coach. Little did she know that nutrition would become her soul’s calling. There, Robyn channeled her love of food and cooking into food and lifestyle tools that empowered her as well as her future coaching clients to heal from the inside out, starting with the gut. As soon as her clients ate more mindfully and cleaned up their gut health, their psychological, social and spiritual lives also improved. As Robyn poignantly said, “A powerfully functioning gut relates to a powerful gut instinct.”

When we’re in a constant state of anxiety, especially around food, we’re not only holding onto emotions but also gripping our organs tightly, inhibiting them from executing their intended job. One of the ways we can release tension in the body and mind during mealtime is to chew slowly. Oftentimes, we chew three to five times per bite before swallowing, burdening our stomachs and digestive tract; instead, Robyn suggests that we chew until our saliva has had a chance to break down our food.

Robyn also recommends that we explore a gut reset cleanse to give our digestive system a chance to reset and repair, while simultaneously alleviating brain fog. Since 90% of serotonin - the brain’s “happy” hormone – is created in our bellies, it’s no surprise that our gut health directly relates to our psychological wellbeing. When the bacteria in our gut are happy, we’re happy and healthy. It’s as simple as that.

We Talk About:

  • How Robyn found her soul’s calling as Certified Health Coach and Gut Health Guru

  • Why gut health is important

  • How gut health affects your intuition

  • Benefits of a gut reset cleanse for your body, mind and spirit

  • Mindful eating practices we can all include to facilitate easier digestion, improve gut health and feel happier in every aspect of our lives


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