Episode 056: Let Your Voice Be Heard: Women’s Health, Rights and Activism with Sustain’s, Meika Hollender

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We’re so excited to welcome boss babe, women’s rights activist and vagina whisperer, Meika Hollender. Sustainability and business have always been at the forefront of Meika’s upbringing. “Do good and do well” was her family’s moto. Naturally, Meika believed that all businesses were out to change the world for the better.

Once Meika attended business school, she soon realized profit was the sole aim for many businesses; however, she vowed that she would remain true to her roots. Around the same time, Meika’s father sold his company, Seventh Generation, in the hopes of starting a new venture – a sustainable condom company. Although fair-trade condoms initially weren’t Meika’s calling, she decided to help her father find “white spaces” within the industry. Through her research, she discovered that 40% of condom purchasers were women. Yet, the condom market only targeted male consumers – not females - when it came to marketing. Shortly after, she unearthed her passion for women’s sexual reproductive health and joined forces with her dad to co-found Sustain, the first brand of all-natural vagina-related products. Her mission? To de-stigmatize women’s sexual needs and provide women products that are not only safe for their bodies but also the environment. 

One of the biggest challenges Meika faced was overcoming the societal taboo around women’s sexual health. Five years ago, society shamed women for wanting to be sexual and enjoying it. However, the #MeToo movement was a critical turning point in the dialogue both nationally and internationally, where women’s rights, needs and stories were finally being heard. Although we still have a long way to go as a collective, Meika urges women to share their story and trust their intuition, especially when it comes to their body.

We Talk About:

  • How Meika founded Sustain and her personal journey to becoming a powerhouse entrepreneur

  • Why the #MeToo Movement was a critical turning point in the women’s rights movement

  • How the Alabama abortion ban affect women today and political policies

  • What we can do today to support women’s rights and sexual education

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