Episode 057: Waking Back Up to Your Own Soul with Jordan Younger AKA The Balanced Blonde

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We’re so honored to welcome Jordan Younger - the radiant goddess behind the #realness-based wellness and lifestyle blog, The Balanced Blonde. In 2013, Jordan followed her intuitive whispers to ditch graduate school in pursuit of full-time blogging. She knew in her bones that writing and sharing her life with her community was her soul’s purpose. She has never looked back, turning her blog into a brand, book, podcast and high-vibe community.

Although she was incredibly successful, Jordan felt something wasn’t right with her health. She constantly felt tired and lethargic. Hoping to heal body, mind and spirit, she embarked on a pilgrimage to Bali. After seeing countless healers, nothing helped; instead, one of her healing experiences shook up all the toxins in her body, causing her to be bed ridden for the duration of her trip. That’s when Jordan knew something was seriously wrong. When she returned to Los Angeles, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, mold poisoning, mass cell activation syndrome and parasites.

Despite everything she’s been through, Jordan views it as a blessing because it took her out of alignment from everything and everyone that was no longer serving her. She woke up to her soul. Rather than seeking healing outside of herself, this experience has taught Jordan that she is her own best healer. The answers she was desperately searching for were within all along. All she had to do was slow down and follow through on her little whispers of intuition. As Jordan beautifully said, “People don’t get sick to get better, they get sick to get extraordinarily healthy in body, mind and spirit.”

We Talk About:

  • The lessons Jordan’s illness has taught her about body, mind and spirit

  • The importance of slowing down and tuning in

  • How to strengthen your intuitive powers and honor your downloads

  • Moving through resistance with grace

  • Essential practices we can all incorporate into our spiritual toolbox to help us let go, surrender and trust


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