Episode 059: So You Think You're Intuitive? Learning How to Strengthen Your Intuition

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re thrilled to welcome Natalie Miles, a psychic medium spiritual mentor and soul whisperer. Natalie has been in touch with her intuitive gifts since she was a little girl, establishing a connection with her Spirit Guide at the age of five. It wasn’t until the age of sixteen that she truly began to develop her intuitive skills and her life’s mission. Despite unearthing her soul’s calling, Natalie closed off her connection to her intuitive gifts and her Spirit Guides, but she always found her way back, especially whenever she felt unsure or indecisive.  After working as a film producer for ten years, Natalie could no longer ignore the calling of her Spirit Guide to quit her job and share her intuitive insight with the world. Her new purpose in life would be to inspire people across the globe to rediscover their own intuitive powers by breaking down old stories, fears and judgments surrounding intuition.     

Natalie believes all of us have intuitive gifts, but many of us have lost sight of them due to societal conditioning and ancestral shame. For centuries, there has been a tremendous amount of shame around connecting with the spirit and the divine (the “woo-woo”) because it was frowned upon by religion.

So how can we re-strengthen our intuition? Natalie encourages us to embrace how intuitive we already are, believe in our innate gifts and trust that our individual Spirit Guides are leading us in the right direction. The only thing that differs between each other’s intuitive gifts is how we channel them. Some of us channel through painting or writing, while others channel through meditation or movement. Wherever we are, trust that we’re in the right place at the right time. 

We Talk About:

  • What led Natalie to reclaim her intuitive gifts and how has it changed her life

  • Why are we all intuitive and how can we strengthen these gifts

  • How to discern between fear-based anxiety versus intuitive insight

  • Essential practices we can all incorporate into our spiritual toolbox to help us cultivate our intuition, so we can reclaim our authentic truth


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