Episode 061: The Game of Desire: Talking Sex, Dating and Keeping It Steamy with Shan Boodram

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re thrilled to welcome sexologist and the queen of seduction, Shan Boodram. Growing up, Shan was very touchy-feely to the point that people perceived her as lewd and disrespectful. Once she was a teenager, Shan made a lot of mistakes with her body, especially when it came to intimacy. Hoping to find practical advice about love, relationships and sex, she turned to books for help; however, Shan quickly realized there was a huge gap in the space, especially for women. At eighteen, Shan found her calling to become a sex educator, transforming sex, relationships and dating into a skill rather than serendipitous experiences. Although she received a lot of pushback from family, friends and society for what she does, she never lost sight of her purpose.

Not only is Shan the queen of pleasure and seduction, but she’s redefined the dating game, helping women step into their feminine power and refine the art of seduction through her newly released book,The Game of Desire. She inspires women to practice mindf***ing with people they’d like to attract while also finding pleasurable activities that help them tap into their turn ons. Whether it’s massaging body oil into your skin, walking around at home in lingerie or masturbation, Shan stresses the importance of discovering what makes you feel confident and sexy in your own skin. Explore slowly, and consistently, check-in with yourself. If you feel safe, take one step forward. If not, take a step back. Most importantly, honor body, mind and spirit as it is in present moment because that’s the sexiest form of seduction.

We Talk About:

  • How Shan discovered her calling to become a sexologist and redefined “the game of desire”

  • What is mindf***ing?

  • What can we do to improve our relationship with a significant other

  • Essential practices we can all implement right now to become skillful seductresses in every aspect of our lives, especially dating, sex, confidence and communication


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