Episode 063: Broth Cleanses 101: Learn the Healing Benefit of Bone Broth + Cleansing with Lindsey Wilson of OWL Venice

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re thrilled to welcome LA’s bone broth queen, Lindsey Wilson of OWL Venice. Because her mother was a practicing dietician and her father was a passionate foodie, food has been an integral aspect of Lindsey’s childhood, so much so that family vacations were planned around where and what to eat.

When her mom became diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, Lindsey saw it as wake up call to take her health back into her own hands. She turned to food as a way to heal her sinus, skin, kidney and digestive issues. Lindsey made drastic changes with her eating, ditching sugar, processed foods and alcohol altogether. She started cooking and nourishing her body the way it craved. During this time, she started experimenting with bone broth and cleanses. It became a ritual that empowered her to cut out all the foods that were aggravating her health once and for all.

Lindsey also launched her company, OWL Venice, to share her personal skincare recipes, such as homemade oil cleansers and serums, that cleared up her acne. Because her products weren’t selling, she decided to switchgears. Although she still has a line of skincare products, Lindsey mainly focuses on the healing benefits of all liquid cleanses, particularly bone broth, for all illnesses. Because when we nourish our digestive system with liquids, we give our bodies and minds more time and energy to undergo deep healing.

You might be wondering, what’s the craze behind broth cleanses? According to Lindsey, bone broths are fantastic for the digestive system because it mimics the lining of the gut wall to repair any damage in the body. It boosts our immunity and lubricates our joints, skin, hair and nails. Finally, they’re a great way to reset, rebalance and heal.

We Talk About:

  • Lindsey’s journey to healing body, mind and spirit through food

  • What is a bone broth cleanse, and why is it important for our health

  • How she started OWL Venice

  • Simple practices we can all incorporate into our daily routines to optimize our digestion to cleanse body, mind and spirit     


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