Episode 064: Animal Communication, Astrology & Mediumship with Jessica Lanyadoo

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re excited to welcome world-renowned astrologer, psychic medium and animal communicator, Jessica Lanyadoo. Jessica first discovered her passion for astrology on her twelfth birthday. Tired of hearing her daughter constantly talk about astrology, Jessica’s mom gifted her an astrology book. At seventeen, she attended an alternative college, The New School in Montréal, Canada, where she honed her skills as an astrologer and psychic medium, exploring different interpretations of the practice. Although Jessica didn’t finish her school, she trusted her gut and moved to San Francisco to kickstart her career as a full-time astrologer and psychic mediumship. However, at one point, she even quit because it no longer fed her soul. Because of her willingness to change and embody what her spirit called her to do in each passing moment, she has been able to expand beyond astrology into psychic mediumship, animal communication, writing, podcasting and so much more!

So what’s the difference between an astrologer, psychic, medium and animal communicator? According to Jessica, a medium communicates with dead humans and animals, while a psychic is a “router” to all the things between the real and spiritual world. Astrology is a form of study that analyzes the positions of celestial objects in relation to us. Finally, animal communication is visual or verbal telepathy between humans and animals. The work Jessica does is not fortune telling; instead, her intuitive gifts can help you cultivate strategies that empower you to feel, heal and live authentically.

We Talk About:

  • How Jessica found her calling as an astrologer, psychic medium and animal communicator

  • The importance of changing your mind and trying new things

  • The difference between astrology, psychics, psychic mediumship and animal communication

  • How you can start communicating with your pets

  • Jessica’s favorite psychic hygiene practices she recommends we all incorporate into our daily routines to release, trust and reconnect with our spirit guides


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