Episode 065: Buddhism, Self Love, and the Path of Courageous Wellness with Aly French and Erica Stein

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re excited to welcome the most courageous babes on the wellness scene, Aly French and Erica Stein. Aly and Erica first met through their love of Buddhism. Although they had been friends for many years, they knew little about one another’s personal journeys. Despite Aly’s cancer diagnosis and Erica’s weight loss struggle, these best friends realized that love heals all wounds physical, psychological and spiritual. Not only did Lay and Erica heal through Buddhist and self-love practices, but they also learned profound lessons about life as well as themselves.  

Inspired to create a platform where people can share their personal stories, Aly and Erica launched the Courageous Wellness Podcast to interview real people about how they developed the courage to reclaim their health, and in the meantime, cultivate a more loving relationship with themselves. From physical to emotional and spiritual wellness, these babes hold space for their guests as well as their listeners, so they too can own their authentic truth.

We Talk About:

  • How Buddhism played a profound role in Aly and Erica’s healing

  • The power of self-love for healing body, mind and spirit

  • How you can cultivate more courage to own your truth

  • Aly and Erica’s favorite practices to create more courage, love and trust in every aspect of your life


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