Episode 067: Yoga Nidra & Rewriting the Subconscious Mind with Jana Roemer

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re excited to welcome the midwife of awakening and Yoga Nidra guru, Jana Roemer. For many years, Jana loved the physicality of the yoga practice, often describing her style as acro-flow. It wasn’t until she attended Jessica Ferguson’s Soul Flow that she was first introduced to the feminine side of yoga through Yoga Nidra. Shortly into the practice, Jana was somewhere between wakefulness and sleeping. Unconsciously, Jana was hooked. However, she didn’t realize the profound impact Yoga Nidra had on her until later in life. Although Jana had a regular meditation practice, she turned to Yoga Nidra anytime she experienced a rough patch in her life. It was in these moments that she realized how transformational the practice was for her. For Jana, it was a homecoming to switch from seated to laying down, where she was able to unplug from the external world and plug into the internal world.

So what’s the difference between traditional meditation and Yoga Nidra? According to Jana, a traditional meditation practice is more masculine in nature. It’s seated, steady and upright, stressing a one-pointed focus of awareness. Yoga Nidra, on the other hand, is a feminine practice. It’s about being receptive and opening up to the infinite spacious of awareness, so we can bring body, mind and spirit into a coherent state.

To this day, Yoga Nidra continues to be an integral component in Jana’s teachings. Combining her passion for Yoga Nidra with Astrology, Jana has alchemized the teachings of Yoga Nidra to the current cosmic cycles to create AstroNidra. She believes the fusion of these two ancient practices will provide enough guidance, so you can discover and embody the highest teachings of the current astrological weather for yourself.

We Talk About:

  • Jana’s journey to discovering Yoga Nidra, and the impact its had on her life

  • The physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of the practice

  • The relationships between Yoga Nidra and the five koshas

  • How AstroNidras can help you embody the highest teachings of the current astrological weather, so you can experience spiritual transformation


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