Episode 070: Everything You Need To Know About Superfoods with Kristel de Groot of YourSuper

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re excited to welcome superfood guru, Kristel de Groot. Nutrition has always played a huge aspect in her life, especially since her mom was a nutritionist. After her significant other, Michael, was diagnosed with cancer, she turned to food as a source of healing. As Kristel said during our interview, “There are many things you cannot control with your health, but food is one thing you can control.” She switched both her and Michael onto a plant-based diet and started experimenting with superfoods. Within five days, he noticed a huge difference in his clarity, focus and energy levels. Not only did these changes contribute to Michael’s recovery, but it also helped clear up Kristel’s eczema.

Witnessing profound shifts in both their lives, Kristel and Michael felt a deep desire to share healing superfood and plant protein mixes through their company, Your Super. They made it their life’s mission to educate and inspire others to fuel their body with the best natural, and most importantly, sustainably- and ethically-sourced whole foods. 

We Talk About:

  • How Kristel discovered her passion for superfoods and the role they played in her partner’s cancer diagnosis

  • Why Kristel and Michael created Your Super

  • The precautions they take to ensure their products are sustainably and ethically sourced

  • Three simple things we can all do right now to be healthier in body, mind and spirit


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