Episode 071: Manifesting Through Meditation with Emily Fletcher

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re excited to welcome the founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher. For the first part of her life, musical theatre was Emily’s religion. However, after accomplishing her goal to perform on Broadway for many years, she felt burnt out, unhappy and unfulfilled. Shortly after, Emily discovered meditation. After meditation healed her insomnia, Emily traveled to India and immersed herself in the practice. It was within the silence and stillness that she learned how to heal past traumas, enjoy the present moment and manifest her deepest desires. 

Wanting to share the profound effects meditation had on her life with others, she founded the Ziva Meditation Technique, which combines the power of mindfulness, meditation and manifestation to help people heal epigenetic stresses from the past as well as manage stresses as they arise in the present. Once people eradicate stress, Emily believes individuals can elevate every aspect of their life through manifestation, allowing each person to become the most amazing version of themself. 

We Talk About:

  • Emily’s journey to discovering meditation and how it changed her life

  • Why meditation is essential

  • What is the Ziva Meditation Technique

  • What’s the difference between mindfulness, meditation and manifestation, and how we can combine all three to create the most amazing version of ourselves


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