Episode 073: Rising From the Ashes, Breaking Through Depression & Finding Your Purpose with Mohnia Patel

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re excited to welcome CBD queen and the founder of Shanti Wellness, Mohnia Patel. Growing up as an Indian-American, Mohnia always felt pressured to either go into medicine or law. Because she was squeamish around blood, Mohnia decided to pursue law. After working in both law and the corporate world for many years, she developed crippling anxiety and depression. Despite feeling unhappy, purposeless and anxious, she refused to medicate her symptoms. In an attempt to treat her symptoms, she smoked cannabis in college but the older she got, the more worsened her anxiety at times. Eventually Mohnia discovered Ayurveda medicine and CBD for help. Observing the incredible relief, it had for her, she was determined to share these effective and natural healing tools with others. Mohnia left the corporate world to create Shanti Wellness, a line of organic and Ayurveda herb-infused CBD products, to soothe body, mind and spirit and empower others to be their own healer.

We Talk About:

  • Mohnia’s discovery of CBD and how it helped her heal

  • What’s the difference between CBD products from Shanti Wellness versus other brands

  • Mohnia’s favorite self-care techniques in addition to CBD

  • How Mohnia is revolutionizing the wellness and cannabis industry as a woman of color and the importance of following your purpose despite familial pressure


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