Episode 074: Discovering Your Dharma with Sahara Rose

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This week on The Alchemized Life, we’re excited to welcome Ayurveda guru and spiritual goddess, Sahara Rose. Health was not always Sahara’s passion. For many years, she wanted and worked tirelessly toward becoming an international human rights lawyer. It wasn’t until her health took a turn for the worst that she had to become interested in health. Sahara turned to Ayurveda for healing. Not only did she heal, but she re-discovered her dharma – her life’s purpose. After healing her body’s imbalances, Sahara realized that Ayurveda extends beyond the body. It influences our personality, spirit and most importantly, our dhamra. Our dosha and dharma are inextricably connected. Despite relational and societal opposition, she decided to follow her purpose, leaving her law career in pursuit of becoming an ayurvedic health coach, spiritual mentor, author and international speaker. 

We Talk About:

  • Sahara’s journey to healing and re-discovering her dharma

  • What is dharma?

  • Why our stories inhibit us from pursuing our dharma

  • How we can overcome our relational and societal expectations to follow our dharma

  • Practices that can bring us closer toward our dharma


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