Episode 076: Developing New Routines, Rituals and Balance

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This week on the Alchemized Life, we welcome the creative extraordinaire and wellness entrepreneur behind Om and the City, Jules Hunt. Struggling with depression coupled with an eating disorder that spanned from high school into college, Jules knew something had to shift. After making the conscious decision to heal body, mind and spirit, she discovered yoga. It had a snowball effect on her life, improving her relationships, eating habits, mindset and so much more. After college, Jules moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion, bringing her newfound wellness lifestyle with her. Although she was overjoyed to be creating, something was missing. In 2014, Jules decided to start a wellness blog – OM & the City. Her blog became such a success that she quit her job in fashion to become a full-time blogger, yoga and meditation teacher and plant lady, sharing all of her favorite wellness rituals to remind readers of their own power, worth and purpose.


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