Episode 082: ABCs of the Lymphatic System with Lisa Gainsley

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This week’s guest on the Alchemized Life, we welcome lymphatic guru, Lisa Gainsley. Like many of us, Lisa never truly learned about the lymphatic system like she did about the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems. It wasn’t until she attended a massage training that she truly learned about its purpose, function and how we can support it. Because the lymphatic system’s primary function is to absorb, filter and excrete waste and pathogens floating around in the body, this vital system is essentially an extension of our immune system. Lisa decided to combine her expertise in massage, breathwork, movement, meditation and ayurveda to pioneer a health movement that educates people about their lymphatic system, bridging the gap between beauty, health and healing.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • How did Lisa become so passionate about the lymphatic system?

  • What is the lymphatic system?

  • Ways in which we can stimulate our lymphatic system


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