Episode 043: Working With Your Shadows and Developing Your Intuition with Emily Pogany

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Emily Pogany is an intuitive holistic healer, meditation teacher, and empowerment mentor based in Los Angeles, specializing in energy work. Her goal is to remove the fear and stigma around spirituality, bridge the gap in order to make this knowledge and work more user-friendly and easy to begin implementing on a daily basis, and help shift the narrative into something more mainstream.

For her it's about becoming more mindful, radical honesty, and personal responsibility, and remembering that spirituality is not geared towards any specific group, individual, or lifestyle. It's about coming back to the Self and cultivating a deeper relationship there first in order to begin consciously creating a life that feels good and fulfills you.

In this week’s episode we talk about Emily's story and how she knew she was intuitive and meant to help others heal. We discuss the power of shadow work and the ways it helps her clients heal. Listeners will learn ways to release things that are no longer serving them, tapping into strengthening their intuition, and how to tell the difference between Ego vs. Intuition.

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