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The Nourished Body by The XX Project


We are excited to announce our participation in The XX Project’s special self care event, “The Nourished Body” held in conjunction with the Equinox Sports Club LA.  Join us on Saturday, June 22nd to create and cultivate a nourishing self care routine via various workshops and get inspired by a powerful panel of female founders in wellness.  This half day conference will cover various aspects of self care - nutrition, regeneration, movement, beauty, sleep, and meditation. Sign up today. Limited spots available.

Event Day Highlights:

- Equinox Fitness Class

- Self Care Workshops

- Massage, haircare, facials, meditation and more

- Female Founders in Wellness Space Panel Discussion with lunch

- Smoothie bar, rosé, matcha and turmeric tea bar

- Snacks

- The Ultimate Self Care Swag Bag