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zenergy yoga experience

yoga workshop

In this optional 60-120 minute workshop, get zenergized through meditation, breath work and yoga practices meant to invigorate the entire mind and body. First, you will be guided through a multi-functional pranayama practice that will provide you with take-home resources to incorporate into your daily lives including ancient calming, energizing, and clearing techniques.

Following breath work, you will transition into an experiential sculpting yoga practice targeting the core and lower body with poses that support healing, strengthening and enhancing the brain. After the breath and body have flowed through the challenging (but fun!) practice, the workshop will close with a meditation designed to introduce students to the practice and benefits of mindfulness.

Students will leave with a deep understanding of the five functions of the mind, the power of breath, and the influence of movement in our lives. 

the mindset cleanse

keynote talk

The Mindset Cleanse is all about reclaiming power in our lives so we can expand our impact and heal ourselves + others. It’s a 5 Step approach to turning limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs so you can love a truly elevated life. It involves journaling guided meditation and mild breathwork so listeners feel confident reigniting their spirit, shifting from a space of hustle to alignment and attaining what it means to live a uniquely Alchemized life.


the modern pause

meditation workshop

The Modern Pause is a meditation workshop inspired by the necessity to modernize mindfulness for the masses. In this 45-60 minute workshop, attendees will be exposed to mindful meditation that any level of experience can enjoy and incorporate into their daily lives. By taking The Modern Pause, you will reduce overwhelm, create more time in your life, ease stress, and access deeper connection to yourself and others. The Modern Pause takes the "shoulds" out of stillness to make meditation more accessible than ever by debunking misconceptions and shifting attendees mindset so they leave craving a daily meditation practice.

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keynote talk

Fearless + Free is a vulnerable look at the ways in which fear takes the driver's seat in our lives and the effects that limiting beliefs have on our personal and professional goals. In this keynote, you will gain an understanding of the foundation that fear is built upon, learn the steps to remove the ego from the decision-making process, and finally re-write the script from "Am I enough?" to "I am enough." Fearless + Free is a powerful catalyst to equip individuals with the tools necessary to liberate themselves from fear and truly be free.